39th Bomb Group (VH)

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King Crew
B-29 # unknown

Photo courtesy of Glenn Carmen, 316th BW webmaster
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L to R Standing:
T/Sgt Edwin S. Goodnow, Flight Engineer; 2nd Lt Jack W. Coates, Radar Observer; 2nd Lt Robert O. Roper, Bombardier; 1st Lt Robert B. King, Airplane Commander; 2nd Lt Robert H. Mohrman, Navigator; 2nd Lt Lewis B. Sloan, Jr., Pilot.

L to R: Kneeling:
Cpl Rudolph J. Kirincich, Gunner; S/Sgt Daniel Rubin, Gunner; S/Sgt Richard W. Cummings, Gunner; T/Sgt William C. Merchant, CFC Gunner; Sgt Wilford E. Christensen, Radio Operator 

 King Crew  
Honor Roll 
2nd Lt Lewis B. Sloan, Jr.
15 November 1992
2nd Lt Jack W. Coates
Radar Observer
Jan 1997

The following came from Steve Smiesk, webmaster 330th BG (VH) web site during a conversation with 1st Lt John Dickerson, 457th BS, 330th BG:

"Late in June 1945, three crews of 8th Air Force 316th BW, 346th BS received orders to take off for the Marianas where they would fly with the 20th Air Force. The 314th BW needed replacement crews and they were to absorb experience which they could later pass on to their fellow crews. On 5 July 1945 'the 8th Air Force landed on Guam' They were the only crews of their 316th BW squadron to see combat."

Glenn Carmen, historian of the 316th Bombardment Wing & whose father served with the 333rd BG, 316th BW, forwarded data from orders dated 18 Jun 1945 Issued by HQ PAAF (Pratt Army Air Field) Pratt, KS listing this crew. They were on DS from 462nd BS, 346th BG, 316th BW.

In February 2005
Rick Goodnow, Son of T/Sgt Edwin S. Goodnow contacted our site to let us know that his father's name was listed on our 60th Ground Personnel Roster, however his father was part of an aircrew. He also sent us the above photo and identified his father and T/Sgt Merchant.

Further review of General Order 25 Battle Participation Award 60th Bomb Squadron dated 16 August 1945 where Goodnow's name was found also showed 11 men in all as being attached to the 39th BG. Goodwin's son recalls his father mentioning "King" which was one of the names indicated as attached.



11 Nov 2014: Mark Sloan, son of 2nd Lt Lewis B. Sloan, Jr. idenified the remaining men in the crew photo - King, Roper, Rubin, , Cummings and Kirincich as well as his father; Added Sloan to Crew Honor Roll and Final Flight Honor Roll.

Anyone with information or contacts for this crew please email:

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Source: Glen Carmen, Rick & Edwin Goodnow; Barry Coates; jj mclaughlin; GO-25 16 Aug 1945 Battle Participation Award