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Emily Rodich
US Marine Corps - WWII

13 March 2010

I received an email from Marty Rodich notifying us of the passing of his mother, Emily Rodich.

Emily was the wife of Marvin Rodich, Mechanic, Crew 59 of the 62nd Squadron. They attended reunions from 1998 thru 2004. Prior to the 2005 Reunion, Emily notified us that they would nol onger be able to attend the reunions as Marvin developed Alzheimer's and the doctor recommended limited exposurer to "new" surroundings ....

I have transcribed Marty Rodich's letter below:

Our Dear Relatives and Friends,

We just wanted to let everyone know the latest events that have transpired in the Rodich home.  Some of you may know that Emily broke her hip/upper leg last December.  She recovered remarkably well after surgery and a few weeks stay in St. Mary's Home in St. Paul for rehab care.  She came home with home health nursing care and physical therapy.  She got a clean "bill of (leg) health" on Feb. 15 when all extra services were no longer needed.  Just a few days later she was talking of chest pains, went to the hospital on Feb. 20 and found she had had a heart attack.  After being released from the hospital and back to St. Mary's for rehab care again, she was reunited with her old friends and staff there.  After only a few days, she had a second heart attack, and the doctors found that there was more damage to her heart than originally thought, and that she wouldn't survive another attack.  So back to St. Mary's for more rehab.  She was there for only a few short days and was very weak.  Mom was able to see all of her children, including Ginny from Ely and Connie who lives in Arizona in the winter. On Sunday morning, within an hour of Mass, Mom was called home.  She was not in pain, but she was just very weak and very tired. She was 89 years old and it was time.  She passed with people who cared very dearly for her at the nursing home and will be missed by all of us.

Sometimes e-mail is so informal but please be assured this message is heartfelt.  We wanted everyone to know as soon as possible.

Emily had requested cremation.  There is no wake, but a memorial service will be held March 25,
at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, 4030 Pilot Knob Road, across the street from the Rodich home. 
A gathering will begin at 10:00 am.
A memorial Mass is at 11:00 am. and then a luncheon and visiting until 3 pm.

Preferring no flowers, the family will gratefully make donations to the Church and Emily’s charities, including the Spinal Cord Society. 

You are welcome to pass this whole message along to others.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan to attend, will not attend, are unsure, or if your  plans change.  This way we will know that you have been informed, and will help us with luncheon arrangements.


Marvin & Marty Rodich
1345 Deerwood Drive
Eagan MN 55123

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Pete Weiler
39th Bomb Group (VH) Assoc.

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